The Osborne was the first English timeshare development established in 1979. The club is affiliated to RCI for worldwide exchanges and has been a Gold Crown resort since 1993. 
In 2010 The Osborne became a TATOC accredited resort. 
The Club operates a Club Trustee system with a committee of owners. The leases of the apartments are held in trust. An Annual General Meeting is held each September or October. 
Weeks are sold on a fixed time basis. The Osborne Club is a sold out resort [the original developer's weeks have been sold]. The Club acts as agents on behalf of its owners for the resale of apartments. 
Purchasing a week's timeshare at The Osborne is an affordable way of enjoying a holiday in England. Alternatively, the week can be used to exchange to another resort in this country, or abroad, by becoming a member of RCI or Dial an Exchange. A high proportion of Osborne owners always occupy their apartments. 
Resale prices start from less than £1,000 per apartment week. Special offers may also be available - please contact the club office. There are no further charges involved in purchasing a week, other than the annual maintenance fee if the new owner is to occupy the apartment in the year of purchase. The transfer of deeds is handled by The Osborne Club. 
There are several different styles of apartments. Each one is furnished differently and prospective purchasers are advised to view the apartments prior to purchase. Detailed descriptions of each apartment can be found on the 1,2,3 bed apartment pages. 
All apartments are non-smoking. Please also note no animals or pets are allowed in the apartments or the grounds. 
For Timeshare availability please telephone +44 (0)1803 209600, click the link on this page, or visit the contact us page 
The 'Rules' of the Club are set out in the constitution; a copy of which is available in the Club Office. The Club offers a fourteen day period during which you can consider your decision to join the Club. In the unlikely event that you do not wish to purchase membership you can, during the fourteen day period cancel the purchase agreement by writing to the Club. Details of how this can be done will be given to you with the purchase agreement. Please click on Timeshare Disclosure Statement for more information.  
Timeshare Resales List 
The resale list is updated weekly. Please click on an apartment number for more information. Please note the changeover days are either Friday or Saturday, except for Weeks 51, 52, 1 and 2 which are fixed dates. Please click on the Owners Page for a calendar and a list of Management Fees for the current year. 
Some apartment/weeks are marked "offers" and are available to buy at less than £1,000. If you are interested in putting in an offer to buy one of these weeks, please contact the Club Office on +44 (0) 1803 209600. 
If you feel you would like to find out more about The Osborne Club, we can offer you a special Taste of Timeshare weekend viewing break in the adjacent Osborne Hotel which is at the centre of the crescent. From only £65.00* per person per night, you and your partner can enjoy dinner in Langtry's, The Osborne Hotel's acclaimed a la carte restaurant, a double room at the hotel and full English breakfast (* subject to availability: excludes June-August including Bank/Public/School holiday periods). All we ask is an opportunity to show you The Osborne Club Apartments. As we are a sold out resort, viewing can only take place on a Friday or Saturday - the changeover days. 
For further details, please contact the Club Office on +44[0]1803 209600 
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